Finding a Houston Texas arborist

A Houston arborist can offer you tree and landscape valuations, landscape and tree insurance expertise, feasibility studies and arborist consulting services.

Trees are important to you or you wouldn’t visit. Two mature trees can supply enough oxygen annually to support a family of four!

ServiceMagic helps you shop Houston arborists and compare prices on tree removal, tree trimming and tree spraying.

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Whether you’re looking for tree removal, tree trimming, or need a certified arborist, make sure the arborist knows which trees are protected and which ones are not.  An ISA certified arborist will know this, so check out ISA Texas.

A committed company will have at least one consulting arborist on staff and connections to more. Also a plant health care consultant familiar with pesticide safety is critical.


Recent Houston Tree Care News

 Ghostly Veil -like Webbing on  Tree Trunks Sign of Barklice – Victoria Advocate

Evidently the county extension officer in Beaumont, Joe Janak  has received several calls voicing concerns about a weblike substance on peoples’ trees. while unsightly, is actually beneficial for the tree.