Can we trim a bush so it grows more like a tree?

Answer:  Very interesting question regarding shaping the bush into a tree. The answer is yes. What you will want to do is take a look at the bush and pick the largest branches that are currently growing. Basically you are going to pick the winners and cut the remaining branches away, down to the base and keep doing that each year or twice a year depending on the growth until the bush begins to look more like a tree. What will happen over a few years is that the energy created through photosynthesis will begin to transfer to the main trunk and the main lateral and structural branches and the growth of other smaller branches will lessen.   Keep in mind that when cutting off branches, the cuts should not be flush with the bark but should be a quarter inch out leaving a small stub so the tree can begin producing bark to heal that wound properly. 

Hope this makes sense as with many fairly simple techniques, it’s sometimes harder to explain than actually do! 

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